Unique Wedding Favours Ideas For Autumn

Oct 27, 2021 | 0 comments

A sizable part of the joy that accompanies the big day is found in the planning stage. All the small details are fun to think about and as everybody knows, it is the small touches that make all the difference. There is no exception for wedding favours, which are considered thoughtful tokens of appreciation by all. We are the perfect place to find inspiration for your gifts as our glass jars and bottles range is the perfect place to source your wedding favours from.

A Bottle of Autumn

Autumn is a time of home comforts and spending time on self-care, so round or funky hexagonal bottles filled with honey are a seasonal touch as the amber hues remind guests of falling leaves and the urge to have a ‘treat yourself’ moment. Or you could indulge that urge even further by decanting essential oils into your chosen bottle and give your guests a gift that signifies class and sophistication by opting for items associated with luxury. Once you add the finishing touch of a thank you note or coloured ribbon, these wedding favours will look very chic on your table.

Vintage Sweets

Sometimes keeping it simple comes with the biggest reward: place a retro jar of sweets in natural kraft paper for big impact. To mix it up a little, you could give out vintage sweets to remind friends and family of old memories. Not only is sourcing sweets simple to do, but our gift boxes are easy to assemble and already come with a cut-out window for maximum aesthetic appeal. Our two jam jar gift box option is great for giving away two smaller jars of different sweets to cater to the growing number of vegan guests at weddings.

Eco-Friendly Elements

The beauty of giving wedding favours sourced from our shop is that your guests will gain maximum value as they can re-use the glass jars or bottles after their sweets have been scoffed or the candle flame has blown out.

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