How To Re-Use Your Glass Jars and Bottles

Jan 18, 2022 | 0 comments

When you grew up, you read all about how post-war Britain had a make-do-and-mend policy. Rather than see purchases as disposable without a care for cost or the environment, people re-purposed their belongings and focused more on longevity. Since we are glass jars and bottles specialists, we have ideas of how you can have a thrifty and green 2022 with any new purchases you make.

Since glass jars and bottles are empty vessels waiting for usage, the re-purpose opportunities are almost endless. If you need to buy any of our incredible glass jars and bottles this year, whether in bulk or individually, don’t be tempted to put them in the recycling bin. Eco-friendly activity is a priority of ours, however our products are recyclable in the sense that you can sterilise a jar housing tea-light candles for usage as a storage container for homemade chutney. Or perhaps you could use wedding favour jars again to contain spices you bought from the shop in a packet?

Unlike the stitching up of old clothes, washing out glass jars and bottles is a 2-minute job that anybody can do. In our modern-day society, protecting the planet from manmade damage can no longer be procrastinated on any level. In addition to far-reaching benefits, you also benefit from having empty jars and bottles ready for your next cookery or craft hobby.

If you’re tempted to view small items as disposable, get eco-friendly and economical instead; make this the year you start to commit to living sustainably in several small ways, as gradual changes add up to a lifestyle that will become non-negotiable in the years to come. Also, it is good for your pocket and your creativity!

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