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Why Jam Jars Are Better Bought in Bulk

Mar 22, 2022 | 0 comments

When it comes to buying in bulk, jam jars of any kind give you the best value for money. We might be biased as our passion lies with the glass jar frame of the container but given the practicality and understated aesthetic of the jam jar – whether hexagonal, square, round or other, the benefit of buying in bulk is universal. Not only do you have an eco-friendly food storage container that keeps jams and marmalades sealed at the right temperature, but you also have reusable pots that can be ornamental or used for storing household items. Rarely do you ever need a singular jam jar, so buying in bulk is better for stocking up ahead of time and more cost-effective than the dreaded ‘running out and re-order’ scenario.

Most of our gorgeous jam jars are sold with lids in a range of colours and patterns of your choosing, at no extra cost. When you buy in bulk, jam jars often come with a sizable discount as our bulk pricing is fair and clearly stated on our website. Some of our the jars we stock are intentionally proposed as wedding favours jars due to their size and design, with some of the smallest jam jars in our collection fitting nicely into the handbag of your guests. Perhaps you have bigger plans and need a larger Orcio glass jar or a vintage-looking sweet jar for adorning the table – this can be accommodated by our supply too.

Naturally, business owners of all sizes might need a plentiful supply of glass jars for their shop and our quantity packs are perfect for stocking all the glass jars your customers could need. Christmas tends to be a peak time and it is never too early to plan ahead if you are hoping to optimise your costs and time! Summer is also a busy season for jam-making enthusiasts and people who love to craft, so stocking up on any shape of jam jar ahead of time is recommended and made possible with ease via our website.

If you are looking to save money and time by buying in bulk, jam jars and great prices are two of our main priorities. Get in touch if you have any enquiries or want to make a bulk order today.