Why We Are a Leading Glass Jar Wholesalers

Dec 30, 2021 | 0 comments

The products we sell are containers: multi-faceted, food-grade, high-quality and other hyphenated words can be used to describe our bottles and jars but the common denominator between all of our products is the fact they are used to contain substances. Given that all our products have the same primary function, we have positioned ourselves as a leading glass jar wholesalers of bottles and jars in the UK. Christmas is the perfect time to make a wholesale purchase as you plan for the year ahead!

The fact all our glass jar products have been sourced from the UK and Europe is significant because it offers efficient turnaround times for delivery and ensures you are familiar with the quality of the product before purchase. This is particularly pertinent when you plan to make a bulk-buy order from a glass jar wholesalers, as factors such as whether the glass jars and bottles are food-grade is crucial! Plus, you want to buy sustainably made glass bottles and jars from a trusted source that offers discounts for larger quantities, and that is precisely what we offer at The Bottle and Jar Company.

Simply contact a member of our team with your specifications and we will reply with details as to the discounts on offer to you for buying in bulk. We recommend assessing customer demand at regular intervals while predicting consumer trends around peak periods for your industry in advance, as then you can prepare properly with a wholesale purchase. Christmas is a notoriously busy time in the world of consumerism and it is never too early to plan ahead!

The breadth of what we offer also helps to certify our positions as leading UK glass jar wholesalers, since we offer all things glass jar-related, from honey jars to small glass bottles; beer bottles to cosmetic ointment amber glass jars; chutney jam jar lids to premium candle jars, and so much more.

The full range of our visually appealing, fully recyclable glass bottles and jars ready for a bulk-buy, please visit our website and get in touch with us if you have any enquiries or requirements.