Christmas Essentials

Nov 19, 2021 | 0 comments

When the Christmas season rolls around, glass jars and bottles are the uncredited heroes of the festive period. Indulgent food and alcohol consumptions increases in frequency all the way through to the new year celebrations, and in the current social climate, gifts made from recyclable products (such as glass) are becoming an expectation of the recipient. For this to occur, the right container needs to be in place.

We have worked hard to refine our range of jars and bottles to the highest quality, must useful feats of glass manufacturing so you are met with a plethora of top choices for your home or stock cupboard. Since a lot of cooking takes place around the Christmas period, with a lot of gatherings in tow, the need to hygienically separate food substances is heightened in addition to the benefits of organisation. All our jars, from storage preserving jars to our selection of round jars and beyond, are ideal for dry and wet food storage. If you plan on making any chutney, mulled wine or festive jam, our hexagonal and jam jars are the obvious choice as the classic container is created to account for the quantity and substance needed.

The other side to our products is the ability to craft some ingenious gift ideas out of them. For instance, our competitively priced pump dispenser PET bottles are a great canvas for some homemade soap to be decoratively stored in, with a personalised label attached to it. Alternatively, our cosmetic ointment clear glass jars are the perfect vessel for all our crafty candle markers as it safely contains your creation while providing an effortless aesthetical appeal the recipient will love.

All our jars and bottles are planet-friendly and reusable, so whether you are giving them away as gifts or keeping them for yourself, their longevity and recyclable nature is of great benefit. To make a purchase, please get in touch with a member of the team today.