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Shop for Valentine’s Day with Us

Feb 11, 2022 | 0 comments

Monday isn’t internationally recognised as a day of romance. Rather, it’s associated with sluggish feelings, ongoing work reinitiating and the more mundane aspects of life. Given how busy Monday schedules tend to be, you might wonder how you are going to inject romance this Monday 14th February. Let our jar, bottle and creative credentials help you.

Since you and your partner will be working on Monday morning, the romance can start the moment you wake up. If you can’t book a romantic getaway in a scenic location, you can recreate the aesthetic in your home by treating your partner to the hotel breakfast experience. A tray brought to your loved one filled with mini bottles of orange juice and their favourite flavour jam scooped into mini jam jars will add some romantic novelty to your day as soon as they start their day. Each jar, bottle and wedding favour jar we stock in our online shop details size, and it’s recommended usage if you need an expert opinion on which container to buy.

Add to the romance by using a large glass bottle, jar, or wedding favour jar (if large enough) as a makeshift vase. Your partner won’t have any clues about surprise flowers if you didn’t conspicuously purchase a vase ahead of the big Hallmark holiday! Plus, these little touches are just as romantic as forking out on a packed-out restaurant or work-time holiday.

Once you have the set the scene of surprise and seen the appreciation in your partner’s eyes, you might be tempted to continue your efforts for the evening too. Our square jars are particularly conducive to storing tiny tea-light candles that light up a room with enough romance to melt your partner’s heart. The best part is how budget friendly these efforts are, with every glass jar, bottle and wedding favour container being competitively priced or often coming as a pack.

If you want to purchase glass jars or containers especially for the occasion, you can easily do so via our online shop. Remember, all our glass bottles and jars are reusable and recyclable, so with every purchase you are making a long-term investment. And not just for the next Valentine’s Day!

Our products lend themselves to last-minute Valentine’s endeavours, however it is also best to stock up ahead of time. Get in touch with us if you have any enquiries or want to make a large purchase.