3 Spring Decluttering Ideas using Glass Jars with Lids

Mar 16, 2022 | 0 comments

Spring is a time for starting anew and de-cluttering is a major part of an ancient tradition that arrives with the equinox shift. Whether you are looking for a new craft project or you are in full spring-cleaning mode, our glass jars with lids are great for original use and re-use as household objects with both practical and aesthetic purposes. See 3 of our inventive ideas for how glass jars can add value outside of the kitchen.

Soap Dispenser

This one requires a small bit of effort for a large pay-off! Constantly buying plastic soap bottles when your soap runs out is terrible for the environment and not very conducive to a pretty home environment. Rather than forking out extra pounds on a pre-made soap dispenser, why not make a hole with a drill and stick a dispenser on the top – that way you can save even more money by topping up the soap jar instead.

Toothbrush Holder

Within the same 4 walls, a lot of toiletries need to be stored. Rather than letting your toothbrushes lie on the sink in a scattered approach, why not pop them vertically out of a glass jar with lids and save the lids as spares in case one goes missing. That way, you can achieve a uniform appearance by using the same objects while also saving yourself the trouble of having to replace a singular lid.

Lid Coasters

If you do find a purpose for the glass jars with lids you have purchased but the free colourful lids are not always needed, you can easily repurpose them as drinks coasters! While it depends on the size of your glass jars, upside down lids with a piece of fabric cut to size and slotted inside make for nifty drinks holders that add a touch of kitsch to your living room.

These home-based ideas are quirky and range in difficulty, but their effect will be undoubtable as glass jars portray more of an elegant feel than all of the plastic we routinely see in the shops. Get in touch if you have any enquiries or want to make a bulk order today.