The Place for Jam Jar Wedding Favours

Aug 23, 2021 | 0 comments

With weddings now happily taking place you may be considering your own, and you may be wondering what to do for favours on your big day. Wedding favours often come in all shapes and sizes, and the scope for customisation allows for great fun to be had in the process. As a great chance for planners to get a little crafty, our selection of glass jars and bottles are a great option. In fact we have a dedicated section of The Bottle and Jar Company dedicated to our wedding favours. In this blog we are going to focus in on our jam jars, and how you could best adapt them.

Jam Jar Wedding Favours
What makes our jam jars the perfect choice for your wedding favours? Well, where shall we begin? Our jam jars come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, this way you’ll be sure to find the perfect jar for your special occasion, whether that be our hexagonal, orcio, or classic round jars. If you were looking for something a little smaller, our mini hexagonal glass jar could be the best choice for you.

Customisable Wedding Favours
All our jam jars are easily customisable, and we aren’t just referring to our selection of available jam jar lids. A simple strip of ribbon and little paint can go a long way. Individualising your wedding favours is a great way of giving them that personal touch, and all it would take to achieve this is a marker to sign their names. Alternatively, they look great just the way they are! Jam jar wedding favours are a relatively inexpensive and versatile choice for your big day.

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