Our Range of Glass Bottles

Jul 7, 2021 | 0 comments

The Bottle and Jar Company
At The Bottle and Jar Company we aim to deliver on a range of high-quality glassware products, including a selection of useful glass bottles. These glass bottles range from beer and wine to sauce and oil, and even glass milk bottles. Our bottles are suitable for a variety of uses and occasions, including weddings, parties, and in the kitchen.

As touched upon, our glass bottles are applicable to a range of uses and variety of settings. Whether utilising the glass bottles for their intended purpose or getting creative to – say – put together makeshift decorative lights using LEDs. Whatever you need glass bottles for, we know that in our selection there are great statement pieces such as our swing stopper bottles and glass milk bottles. We find our milk bottles look fantastic holding smoothies or even cocktails. Moreover, if you are planning on hosting any get-togethers, you can view our plastic bottles and paper straws.

Other Jars and Bottles
As The Bottle and Jar company, we are home to a number of glass bottles and jars. The jars we are able to offer range from a selection of jam and chutney jars, to cosmetic and ointment jars. For those interested in our jam jars, we also have a selection of lids and decorative packaging to choose from. We also offer a selection of crafty wedding favours, takeaway catering products, and more.

Contacts Us
If you’re interested in any of our glass bottles or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 01903 446701 or by messaging us via the form on our website.