Creative Uses for Jars and Bottles

Nov 4, 2021 | 0 comments

It’s a common scene: you’ve made all the jam you’re willing to make this year; you’ve burned down the candle you tried your hand at crafting, and you no longer need to decant your cocktails into stylish mini milk bottles now summer is over. What else can you do with your jars and bottles? We’re glad you asked.

Crafty Household Objects

If you have a big household and enjoy crafts, why not make a toothbrush holder out of an old jam jar? Simply replace the screw top with netting as a makeshift separator or leave it open – decoration is optional. Or perhaps you’ve always fancied some fairy lights in your room? Smaller jars and mini milk bottles are perfect for containing your fairy lights while giving them even more aesthetic appeal. Check your social media feed after you post a picture of them and get back to me!

Keep Them For The Kids

Children aren’t always easily entertained: they demand novelty. Fortunately, you can often disguise the same tools by switching up the stationery you use when it’s creativity time. During one half-term you’re making Jack O’Lanterns out of glass jars for Halloween, and during the next break, they’re decorating glass jars with coloured markers to make personalised stationary holders. Rinse and repeat as needed!

Plant Pots

Several plants can be transferred into a jar and bottles suit smaller member of the plant family. Why buy a plant pot when you can create your own at home? Houseplants have boomed in popularity and even fake plants can spruce up your room while giving you an activity as you create the perfect pot for them to grow in.

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