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We are pleased to offer you the best compostable takeaway catering products available on the market today. Varying from cups, containers, boxes and bags. Our range of compostable takeaway packaging includes disposable, resuable, and compostable products to suit your needs.

We have a fantastic range of takeaway catering products to provide you with high-quality and durable packaging that serves your purpose. Not only are we an eco-friendly company, but our products are built to match our ethos and aid your sustainability commitment too, from Kraft takeaway boxes and carrier bags to windowed boxes with inserts for desserts, and more.

Notably, the famously environmentally friendly paper drinking straws are available as they have become a takeaway essential in recent years. Find a range of differently sized and aesthetically pleasing compostable, reusable and disposable cups, airtight containers, cutlery, boxes and bags here.