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White Metal Twist Off Lids

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Our metal twist off jam jar lids are available in a choice of colours and sizes. Our lids have an integral seal coated inside making them acid and vinegar proof which help prolong the shelf life of your produce. Our twist off jam jar lids are suitable for all foods, jams, honey, chutneys, vinegars and pickles.

If you are unsure on the size of lid you require, measure the neck of the jar from the outside to outside (do not include thread), add 2mm each side, for example if your jar has a neck of 59mm + 4mm (2mm each side) = 63mm

63mm - suitable for 8oz/190ml round jar, 228ml round jar, 1lb round jar, 12oz hexagonal jar, 12oz square jar, 314ml, 370ml & 395ml orcio jar, 120ml and 212ml bonta jar and the 370ml chutney jar

70mm - suitable for 282ml round jar, 300ml round jar, 120ml verrine jar, 16oz pickling jar and 200ml squat jar

82mm - suitable for half gallon pickling jar, 2lb jam jar, 1050ml food jar, 300ml squat jar, 500ml food jar, 580ml orcio jar, 324ml and 385ml bonne maman jars, 190ml and 264ml verrine jar.

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