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1lb Glass Jam Jars: Perfect for Preserving

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Introducing our timeless 1lb (454g) glass jam marmalade jars, the ultimate choice for preserving jam, jellies, marmalade, and delectable preserves. These jars come with lids featuring an acid and vinegar-proof integral seal, ensuring they are not only perfect for pickling but also guarantee long-lasting preservation.

Embrace the trend and add a touch of elegance to vintage weddings as our jam jars double as charming table decorations. Their classic appeal and versatile functionality make them a must-have for any occasion.

Crafted in the UK with utmost quality and tradition, these 380ml jars have been carefully curated to meet the needs of home preservation enthusiasts and event planners alike. With their timeless style and practical features, our glass jam marmalade jars are sure to elevate your culinary endeavours to new heights.

Height 126mm

Diameter 76mm

Neck 59mm + 4mm = 63mm lid

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