Square Glass Jar - 130ml/4oz

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The 130ml 4oz approx square jar is very elegant, perfect for presenting your jam, chutney, preserves, sweets, candle making and are perfect for wedding favours.

Height without lid: 65mm approx

Height with lid: 68mm approx

Base and each width of the four panels: 56mm approx

The shoulder to the base is: 42mm approx

Neck 49mm + 4mm = 53mm Lid

Label for one panel approx 45mm width by 35mm height

Made in the UK

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Choose from our variety of top quality glass jam jars. Sizes range from our mini jam jar (45ml) which are perfect for jam jar wedding favours, as are our our 2oz and 4oz glass jars also available is the 7 and 8oz jars which are available in all shapes and sizes right up to our 300ml, 500ml and 16oz and half gallon pickling jars – all of our glass jam jars come complete with twist off lids which are coated inside making them acid and vinegar proof, our glass jam jars can be used for jams, preserves, honey, chutneys, vinegars and pickles, they also look very chic with flowers or cocktails in.