Crafty Glass Jar And Bottle Halloween Ideas

Oct 22, 2021 | 0 comments

Halloween is a holiday centred primarily around the thrill of facing our fears. If you are hosting a party for friends or family, you will want to prepare some themed decorations easily and cost-effectively that balance spooky with spectacular. Fortunately, our glass jars and bottles allow you to do just that, while giving you some glass jars you can re-use throughout the year.

Ghoulish Drink Potions

Carved-out pumpkins are expected as a staple piece of Halloween adornment, but did you know that dressing up drinks in chic glass bottles can wow just as easily? Our vintage mini milk bottles look chic on your table anyway, but all you need is to decant milk into them before using a black marker to dot out two eyes and a large circle for the mouth, and you have made your drinks into ghosts. This is particularly effective at a children’s party as we have plastic bottles with vintage drinking straws that will provide simple novelty to excite the little ones immeasurably.

Choose Recyclable Material

Any design can be used with our plastic or glass jars and bottles, as drinking from a glass jar has been popularised as fashionable in recent years. The beauty of a decorated glass bottle is that you can fill it with any liquid you like to make a party potion your guests will love and you can reuse the bottles all year round.

Sticky Spider Webs

We have glass jam jars in varying sizes that can be re-purposed for Halloween décor too in the form of spider webs. Place some cotton wool into a mid-size glass jar, attach a toy spider onto the side and place a candle directly behind the jar to give an illusory effect that is simple to make but looks great. When the party is over, it will not take long to wash out the jar for jam-making, storage, or any other purpose!

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