Glass Milk Bottles

Vintage style glass milk bottles with a black, silver or gold twist off cap. These milk bottles are now available with vintage paper straws in either Red & White or Blue & White coloured stripes..

Fabulous looking glass bottles. Perfect for wedding favours, baby showers, sweets, milkshakes, sauces and dressings or just for putting flowers in.

Choose from our variety of top-quality glass bottles. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes as appropriate, our wholesale glass bottles can be used for a vast range of purposes, from providing the perfect container for homemade sauces, oils, or dressings to housing homemade beer in ‘best quality’ British bottles. Fully recyclable, reusable and always available in varying sizes to suit your needs, our glass bottles are the high-quality container compatible with the kitchen, the crafting desk and even the wedding table as part of an attractively packaged wedding favours ensemble.