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Dive into Jam Jar Lids

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Jam Jars for Jam Season

Seasonal Jams

We want to help you get ready for jam making this season with our wide range of jam jars to choose from. Regardless of which jams you are taking on, whether that’s blueberry, gooseberry, strawberry, or blackberry jam, we have you covered at The Bottle and Jar Company.

Jam Jars

We know that, like the wide variety of seasonal jams available, everyone is different and that because of this it can be hard to find the perfect jam jars for personal or gift use. This is why we have a wide variety of jam jars available to order online, spanning from the classic hexagonal glass jar, to the orcio, to round jars and even square jars. All of the jam jars available from The Bottle and Jar Company have the same high-quality and level of customer satisfaction in mind.

Jam Jar Lids

Quite literally top-off your jam jars with one of our spectacular lids! You can choose from a selection of lids, including the classic red gingham, decorative chutney jam jar lid, black and gold button lid, and more.

Other Glass Jars

If you are looking for more than just jam jars, we have a whole array of jars and bottles available to order online that are suitable for a variety of uses. These include (but are not reduced to) glass milk bottles, sauce and oil bottles, ointment jars, and wedding favours. For parties, we even have plastic bottles and paper straws.

Contact Us

For questions relating to our products, please contact us by calling 01903 446701 or by messaging us via the form on our website.

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